NativeScript 4.0.0 发布,创建跨平台原生应用的框架

NativeScript 4.0.0 已发布,NativeScript 可以使用 Javascript,CSS, XML 创建真正的 Native 跨平台应用,支持 iOS Android 和 Windows Universal,NativeScript 可将跨平台代码翻译成目标平台的代码。

Bug Fixes

  • android-images: set decodeHeight/decodeWidth default values to dip (#5490) (6509efa)
  • animations: change throw -> trace to avoid unnecessary app crash (#5475) (fa80355)
  • animations: check if target is present before removing its animation (#4586) (4bd3a94)
  • animations: register both style’s “name” and “cssName” (#3810) (3ea7365)


  • navigation: Flexible Frame Composition (#48)
  • angular xml: Support [prop] and (tap) bindings (fdd8c9b)
  • frame: handle back navigation when common layout is used as a root element (#5608) (70f0112)
  • frame: rework frame retrieval api (#5527) (dfa70dd)
  • ios: fire onDisplayed event when first frame is ready to be displayed (#5344) (1c78e47)



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